A few times when it is critical to update your Oklahoma Will or Trust

It is a huge accomplishment to have your Oklahoma Last Will and Testament done. You can rest easier knowing you have provided for your family and created an orderly plan to transfer what you have to who you want it to go to. Once you have this done, there are several times in your life when you may need to consider updating the Will or Trust to match current your circumstances. Let me mention a few:

1. You have another child.

2. Someone named in your Will to act as your personal representative (executor) either is no longer around or no longer wants to serve.

3. Someone in your Will who you left a large part of your estate to has passed away.

4. Children named in your Will or Trust have grown up and are ready to receive their inheritance with fewer strings attached to it or no strings at all.

5. You have divorced, suffered the death of a spouse or remarried. (It is particularly important in a second marriage that involves children from previous relationships to carefully plan your estate).

6. You have simply changed your mind about what you want to give, who want to help administer your estate or who to whom you want to give your property.

You update your Will or Trust because you want it to reflect your current thoughts and circumstances. If circumstances have changed, feel free to contact me to discuss updating your Will or Trust at sjr@shawnjroberts.com.

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Posted by Shawn Roberts

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