Estate Planning Demystified – The Introduction

This is Episode 1 of the Estate Planning Demystified Podcast.

I have been talking about doing a podcast for a long time. Recently, “talking” become “doing” and I shipped the product. I am excited to introduce my podcast series: Estate Planning Demystified.

This will be an 8-episode series in which I talk about what estate planning is, how it is used, what the tools are and how it might impact you. The information on Episode I: The Introduction are below. You can watch the podcast right here, but I would appreciate it if you would subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

The phrase “estate planning” is thrown around a lot, often without a solid understanding of what it means. I am attorney who helps people plan their estates and in this podcasts I am going to provide a plain language explanation of estate planning, what it means and how it impacts you.

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Posted by Shawn Roberts

I write about and try to answer practical Oklahoma legal questions. I tend to focus on estate planning and business issues. I make a living as an attorney working for Resolution Legal Group in Oklahoma City. I am husband to Amy and the father of Sam and David. We live exactly in the path where the "wind comes sweeping down the plains."