iPhone tips: Use the iOS timer to automatically stop your music

One feature I would like in iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) is a sensor that detects when I fall asleep listening to music or a podcast and shuts it off. While I haven’t seen this option yet, I discovered something close to as useful today: Use the Clock App on your iOS device to time your music or podcast to stop playing after a certain number of minutes.

It is really simple but has escaped my knowledge up to now.

1. Go into the Clock App and chose the “timer” at the far right on the bottom (see picture below).
2. Select “When timer ends” and at the bottom of list is “stop playing” – select it (see picture below)
3. Select how long you want it play for and hit “Start”.

That is all you have to do. When the time runs out, the music, podcast or other media will stop itself.

Posted by Shawn Roberts

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