Oklahoma Estate Planning Myths: I am too young for an estate plan

From the series Oklahoma Planning Myths . . .

MYTH: I am too young for an estate plan.

FACT: This is only true if everyone knew the exact time when they would die or become incapacitated. In an estate plan, you make decisions that protect your family regardless of your age:

1. Everyone needs to have a health care power of attorney in place to enable someone to make health care decisions for them in the event they become incapacitated, as well as financial decisions. This is almost purely an action you take for your family because it will be your family members who are faced with the tough decisions if you are incapacitated and unable to make the decisions.

2. You can nominate the guardians for your minor children to ensure that the people you want to care for your children are most likely to be appointed as guardians.

3. You can choose the people that will administer your estate.

4. You can decide how to transfer your property so as to best protect your family.

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Posted by Shawn Roberts

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