An abundance of Microsoft Outlook Tips & Tricks

This week’s tech tip is actually many (50+) tips to be precise for getting the most out of Microsoft Outlook, the ubiquitous email, calendar, contact, tasks and life management application.  The tips are found on in a collection titled “Outlook Tips, Tricks and Secrets.  The tips include material for most recent 2-3 versions of Outlook and include topics like:

  • How to access Gmail with Outlook
  • How to Archive Old Mail Automatically using Outlook AutoArchive
  • How to Choose the Account Used to Send a Message in Outlook

Find all the material here Outlook Tips and Tricks.

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Did you know (DYK)? Your Estate Plan [FreeStyleFriday]

Whether you have created a will, trust, or even thought about creating one, you have made plans about what happens to your property when you die.  An estate plan is the way to set out the who, what, when, where, and how:

• Your property will be transferred upon your death;

• The recipients of your property and in what amounts;

• The administrator of your estate and the division of your personal property;

• The person or persons who will be the guardians of your minor children, and what type of resources the guardians will have;

• Your caretaker if you become incapacitated and a power of attorney granting the authority to handle your affairs.

From where does this sophisticated estate plan come?  The statutes of the State of Oklahoma provide it.  Within the thousands of words contained in the Oklahoma Statutes (whatever state in which you reside), all the decisions are made about what you have, what happens to it, and who takes care of you and your children upon your death.  These laws set a rigid formula and make no exceptions for unusual or special needs.  Without a will or trust in place, your estate will be administered by the court, according to these statutes.  If this happens, the cost to your estate could be greater than if you have an estate plan.

Sound good?  If not, there is an alternative: plan your own estate, determine who takes care of your family and who takes care of you, yourself. Talk to an attorney to find out how to plan your own estate (whether it is small, medium, or large), and to draft documents that fit you and you and your family’s unique needs – not the convenient one size fits all solution provided by the statutes.  In the process, you are taking care of your family the way you know is best.

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You will have a job . . . it may be as my mistress, but you will have a job

How do you lose a sexual harassment case if you are an Oklahoma employer?

Consider the pathway paved by the supervisor in this post:

A supervisor actually wrote the line in the title in an email to a woman he was supervising, as the woman was preparing to take medical leave to have surgery.  I came across this email while working on employment discrimination case.  Imagine that, an employer with a supervisor like this one getting sued for employment discrimination!?!  It happened, I defended the employer.   Here is the full email exchange:

Female Employee: Just reminding you I will be gone from tomorrow through the 14th, on medical leave.  I know I will be missed J  Hope I have a job when I come back!

Supervisor: You will have a job when you come back . . . it may be as my mistress, but you will have a job.

This exchange teaches two lessons:

  1. Don’t write anything you would be embarrassed for your wife, husband, mother to read.
  2. If you must write it, remember it could be read in court some day or even worse be published to the world through the Web.
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Buying your competitor’s business name in Google’s AdWords: Shady Practice or Smart Competition?

This seemed like a simple question to me when I started to look at it for a client:  Of course one cannot buy one’s competitor’s name in Google’s AdWords, that would violate several laws and be confusing to consumers.  However, what I discovered was unsettled legal issues and different scenarios where purchasing a competitor’s name might be acceptable.  Some of my thoughts, in audio format, are below.

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A plethora of Microsoft Windows tips and tricks!

Paul Thurrott is a longtime writer and editor covering all things Microsoft, including the Windows operating system, Microsoft Office, Windows Mobile, the Zune and much more.  He maintains several websites, including  Paul participates in a podcast each on Leo LaPorte’s TWIT Network called “Windows Weekly”.  During the show, Paul gives out Windows and tips and tricks.  Over time, all these Windows “nuggets” have accumulated and posted, along with the podcast on Paul’s SuperSite for Windows.

I think you would enjoy listening to or watching the podcast, but even if you do not listen, you can access of all these Windows tips and tricks by just visiting the Windows Weekly Podcast website.  Some the recent tips and features include:

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Definition of a podcast.

A podcast is a digital media file(s) (either audio or video) that is subscribable, released episodically and often downloaded through web syndication (RSS). From

You can listen to a podcast on your portable media player (iPod, iPhone, Zune, other MP3 player), your computer and many other devices.  You can get podcasts through software, like iTunes (which will download the newest episodes automatically) or on your computer or listen to them directly from Web.  See some of the podcasts I listen to, maintained in iTunes, below:

iTunes Screenshot

iTunes Screenshot

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Do you have your social media policy in place?

With the rise of social media, if you have not dealt with it in your business, you likely will be dealing with it at some point in the near future.

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