When do I need to have a Will?

Have you ever tried to figure out: Do I need a Last Will and Testament?

If you have asked yourself that question or are wondering right now . . . read on. ➞

Here are several sets of life circumstances where you need a Will:

You have children.
You have minor children.
You want to give certain personal property items (jewelry, clothing, etc. .) to specific people.
You are in a relationship but not married
You want to give more of your property to one family than another (an unequal distribution)
You do not want the State of Oklahoma to decide who gets your property.

If you checked one or more of the boxes, you should have, at least, a Last Will and Testament.

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Posted by Shawn Roberts

I write about and try to answer practical Oklahoma legal questions. I tend to focus on estate planning and business issues. I make a living as an attorney working for Resolution Legal Group in Oklahoma City. I am husband to Amy and the father of Sam and David. We live exactly in the path where the "wind comes sweeping down the plains."

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