11 out of 50 Tech Tips in 50 Minutes

50 Tips in 50 Minutes- Jim Calloway, Catherine Sanders Reach, Brett Burney at the Oklahoma Bar Association Solo and Small Firm Conference in Durant, Oklahoma:

1. Cheap and easy Screen Sharing – www.join.me from macsinlaw

2. Factory Reset Wiki http://factory-reset.com/wiki/Main_Page @catherinereach

3. Create your own QR Codes – login into Google Account, go to url shorenter and Google will set up codes @jimcalloway

4. Google + Business Page – unlike other social networks, Google search picks this up @catherinereach

5. PureText – paste text special into any program (Paste the text not the formatting), set up keyboard shortcut stevemiller.net macsinlaw

6. Watch Me – free download, multiple timers to cover all your tasks, especially good for multitaskers @catherinereach

7. TheFormTool – simply document assembly, cheap, http://www.theformtool.com/ @jimcalloway

8. mypermissions.org – takes you to the point in social media to see what permission you have given app @catherinereach

9. Add Evernote to Google Search Results through Chrome web clip tool @catherinereach

10. Scan documents with your phone macsinlaw ScannerPro for iPhone from Readdle $6.99 http://bit.ly/MJJkpH

11. Defeat Microsoft Word __ Orphaned text syndrome – paragraph options > line and page breaks . keep with next

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