#2 Way to Avoid Oklahoma Probate after death – life estate or joint tenancy

#2 Way to avoid Oklahoma probate after death: Joint Tenancy or Life Estate

This is the second article in the series 6 Ways to Avoid Oklahoma Probate after Death.  In Oklahoma, if you hold real property in joint tenancy with any person, the law allows you to change the title on the property after that person has died, without going into probate.

Following the steps laid out in 58 O.S. 2001 § 912, the surviving interest holder may file an affidavit which establishes for legal purposes a record the death of the deceased joint tenant. The document that is typically filed is the “Affidavit of Surviving Joint Tentant.”  You can see a copy of the Affidavit here.

The Affidavit of Surviving Joint is filed with the county clerk and is signed by the either (1) surviving joint tenant, (2) life tenant, (3) remainderman, or the personal representative. You also attach a certified copy of the death certificate to establish that the person has died.


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