3 iPhone Tips to make your iPhone more fun and efficient

To be an iPhone user is nearly always to be an iPhone lover. The iPhone is what the personal computer should be without any of the hassels of the personal computer. The iPhone literally does thousands of different tasks. Below are three iPhone tips you might find interesting and useful including: Emoji keyboard on the iPhone; keyboard shortcuts and the music-regulating sleep timer.

1. Emoji keyboard on the iPhone.

You know all those neat little symbols, pictures, words that you can sometimes insert into email?  Those are called “emoji”.  Up until iOS 5, you had to jailbreak your iPhone or buy an app to get the iPhone Emoji keyboard. iPhone Emoji is now native to iOS 5 and it is easy to enable and use.  Here is how to do it:

On your iOS device go to – Settings → General → Keyboard → International Keyboards → Add New Keyboard→ Emoji — you’re done!  Enjoy and check out the pictures below:






2.  Keyboard Shortcuts.

One of the neat features in iOS 5 is the ability to shortcuts (which usually means a couple of letters) that the iPhone recognizes and inserts a longer phrase.  For instance, I added “drv” as a shortcut for the phrase “I’m driving, I will call you back when my vehicle is no longer in motion“.  The shortcuts have a lot of uses and quick text or email responses is but one.

You can find the settings for shortcuts by going:  Settings -> General -> Keyboard  -> Shortcuts (At the bottom of the page).  Check out some pictures below to see how the iPhone shortcuts work:








3. Sleep Timer

One feature I would like in iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) is a sensor that detects when I fall asleep listening to music or a podcast and shuts it off. While I haven’t seen this option yet, I discovered something close to as useful today: Use the Clock App on your iOS device to time your music or podcast to stop playing after a certain number of minutes.

It is really simple but has escaped my knowledge up to now.

1. Go into the Clock App and chose the “timer” at the far right on the bottom (see picture below).
2. Select “When timer ends” and at the bottom of list is “stop playing” – select it (see picture below)
3. Select how long you want it to play for and hit “Start”.

That is all you have to do. When the time runs out, the music, podcast or other media will stop itself.

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