4 reasons you need an Oklahoma Power of Attorney

An Oklahoma Power of Attorney allows you to give someone else (usually a spouse or relative) control over your affairs when you are not able to control them.  You can hear more about the Oklahoma Power of Attorney in my podcast series, “Estate Planning Demystified”, episode 7 discussing the Oklahoma Power of Attorney.

What can an Oklahoma Power of Attorney do you for you?  Allow me to list benefits below:

1.  The Oklahoma Power of Attorney lets you choose the person you want to act on your behalf.  If you do not select someone, your family will probably be required to have a guardian appointed and it may not be who you prefer.

2.  The Oklahoma Power of Attorney prevents your family and friends from having to petition a court for guardianship, a time consuming and costly process.

3. The Oklahoma Power of Attorney lets you define when you are incapacitated, rather than leaving this decision for relatives to fight over in court.

4. The Oklahoma Power of Attorney lets you define and limit the powers of your attorney in fact (the person you choose) rather than defaulting to the limits set by Oklahoma law.

If you are interested in putting an Oklahoma Power of Attorney in place, please let me know.


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Posted by Shawn Roberts

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