4 Tips to save you time when you use Evernote

Would you like to save even more time when you use Evernote

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If you are reading this article, there is an excellent chance you already use Evernote.  Most people recognize Evernote as a great tool for remembering things and indeed it is.  However, Evernote will truly help you be more organized and efficient when you start integrating it with the things you do every day. Now that you use it, here are a few ideas to use it even more efficiently.

1.    Email directly into Evernote

What:  Every Evernote user has a specific Evernote email address.  Forward the email to your Evernote email address, to specify the destination notebook, append the subject line with the symbol “@” followed by the name of an existing notebook; to add a tag, include “#” followed by an existing tag.

Why:  It is an easy way to add material to Evernote from anywhere, regardless of the device you are using.  It’s great for quickly capturing information and emptying your email inbox.  Read more here.

2.    Use Evernote Web Clipper

What: Clip and save any page on the Web right from your browser and send it directly into an Evernote notebook with the appropriate tag.  According to Evernote, unlike a typical web bookmark which simply points to a website, which may change or be deleted over time, Evernote’s Web Clips create permanent snapshots of a webpage that preserve navigation, text, images and links, and are always fully searchable and available on all your devices anytime you need them.

Why: It provides a fast and super-simple way to organize research while moving a vast number of web pages.  Rather than getting lost in all those open tabs you have, you can end up with all the important items you found already in Evernote.  There is a browser add-on for all the major web browsers. However, I have found the Chrome version to be particularly useful because it allows you to mark up your clippings with notes to share with someone else or remind yourself.  You can also share interesting things you discover directly on various social media sites.

3.    Use Note Links 

What:     Note links are, not surprisingly, links to notes in Evernote.  You create note links in any desktop version of Evernote by right-clicking on the note and choosing “note link”.  are simply hyperlinks created in Evernote allowing you to connect notes to each other and

Why:  Note links allow you to link notes to each other and to link to notes from other applications.  You can quickly jump between related notes and open up notes from other applications such as your calendar or email program.  Read more about note links here.  And to add even more functionality, you can create a table of contents from a notebook using note links, like this.

4.     Pick up keyboard shortcuts

What:  These PC-based keyboard shortcuts allow you to glide through Evernote without ever moving the mouse. A few of the shortcuts are: Ctrl-Alt-N to start a new note; Windows-A to pastes text into a new or open note; Ctrl-N for a new note; Ctrl-Shift-T: New tag and many more are found here on Evernote’s site.

Why:  If you take your hands off the keypad for even a few seconds you lose time and Evernote is all about being more efficient.

If you like these ideas and crave more, check out the Evernote Blog and the Evernote App Center.


Posted by Shawn Roberts

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