#5 Way to avoid Oklahoma probate after death – Vehicles/Boats/Motors

The Fifth Mechanism to Avoid Oklahoma Probate after Death: Vehicles, Boats, Motors

This is the fifth article in the series 6 Ways to Avoid Oklahoma Probate after Death.  Although these may seem like small, somewhat less significant items, when you need to change the title on a vehicle, boat or motor, this process is very useful.

With an Oklahoma Last Will and Testament

If the person who passed away had an Oklahoma Last Will and Testament, then you can use the Oklahoma Tax Commission – Motor Vehicle Division Small Estate Affidavit, which you find here, among other places.

Without an Oklahoma Last Will and Testament

When the person who passed away did not leave a Last Will and Testament, you will need to use the No Administrator Affidavit, made available by the Motor Vehicle Division of the Oklahoma Tax Commission through tag agencies across the state.  By completing the required form (found here among other places here) and supplying a certified copy of the death certificate, the survivor may obtain title to a vehicle, boat or outboard motor where there is no probate or administration proceeding and no other person would have a prior right to have the property.

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