#6 Way to avoid Oklahoma probate after death – Unclaimed Property

#6 Ways to Avoid Probate after Death: Unclaimed Property

This is the sixth article in the series 6 Ways to Avoid Oklahoma Probate after Death.

This is a somewhat indirect route to obtain property left behind by someone who has died. The Oklahoma State Treasurer collects and administers property that is “unclaimed.” The State Treasurer is authorized to turn over unclaimed property of up to $10,000.00 in value, afte receiving an affidavit signed by the claimant “stating that the claimant is entitled to receive such property, the reason the claimant is entitled to receive such property, that there has been no probate of the estate of the deceased owner, that no such probate is contemplated and that claimant will indemnify the State for any loss, including attorneys fees, should another claimant assert a prior right to the property.”

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