Apple’s AirPort Extreme Base Station: Rock Solid Product or Overpriced Marketing Hype?

Apple's AirPort Extreme Base Station: Rock Solid Product or Overpriced Marketing Hype?

This week’s TechTipTuesday arose out of problems with my home wireless network.  We primarily connect to the Internet via WiFi at our house, with several Macs and a couple of smartphone devices.  For several months, the performance of WiFi at my house has been inconsistent and seemingly less than it should be (or at least what I think it should be).  I am paying for a decent speed connection (20mb down/5mb up) but I feel as if I am not getting my money’s worth.  I have heard good things about Apple’s AirPort Extreme Base Station.

Screen shot 2010-08-09 at 10.17.19 PM

My previous routers have toe $40-50 Linksys variety.  However, when I saw the price of the AirPort Extreme ($179.00 on Apple’s website) I realized that I should do some research.  Being a frequent social media participant and looking for a relatively easy solution, I turned to Twitter, where I asked the question:

Thoughts on whether Apple’s AirPort Extreme Router is worth the cost over a $50 linksys router??

Below are the answers I received to my Twitter inquiry:

Twitter answers to question about Apple's Airport Extreme

Screen shot 2010-08-09 at 9.21.39 PM

What are your thoughts on the AirPort Extreme vs. a lowered-priced router?

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