Oklahoma Trademark

To protect your business, Oklahoma trademark registration is a no-brainer

What is a no-brainer? It is something that is so simple you don’t have to think about, just do it. Registering your business name and logo with the Oklahoma Secretary of State is a no-brainer. This is Oklahoma’s brand of trademark protection and it is something that every business should do.

A trademark is any word, picture or symbol that you use to market or identify your business. It could be something as simple as the name of your business or something a bit more elaborate like the custom artwork that you pay to have designed to identify your business. Whatever it is, the Oklahoma Secretary of State charges only $50.00 to register a trademark.

The Oklahoma trademark process includes submitting the application and paying the fee. Unlike getting a trademark from the federal government, there is no vetting or searching process other than the Oklahoma Secretary of State searching its records to determine if anything is already registered.

Although this process is fairly simple, I have seen courts give an inordinate amount of weight to the first business to register its Oklahoma trademark, when the businesses were in a trademark dispute. You can avoid any issues in your business, at least with Oklahoma law, by going through the simple trademark registration process.

If you would like to get your business property trademark in Oklahoma, please contact me (sjr@shawnjroberts.com) and I’ll help you.

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