Oklahoma Employer’s guide to the Family Medical and Leave Act

Flickr User Edward Tenny

The Family Medical and Leave Act is often referenced by employers and employees but also nearly as often misunderstood and misapplied.  One way to improve your understanding of the FMLA is to review the United States Department of Labor materials provided for employers, The Employer’s Guide to the Family and Medical Leave Act, found here.  The DOL’s Employer’s Guide provides some easy to digest basic information about the FMLA allowing an Oklahoma employer to develop a beginning knowledge of the act.  For example, The Employer’s Guide equips the Oklahoma business with answers to these questions:


Is my business covered by the FMLA?


What makes my employees eligible for FMLA leave?

Is an Oklahoma employer required to pay an employee using FMLA leave?


Do I have to let the employee come back to the same job after FMLA leave?


What type of notification do I have to give to my employer before taking leave?

What do I have to tell my employees about the FMLA?