Creating your own reality: Simple Vacation Photo Editing

This week’s TechTipTuesday bring some simple tips eliminate the little annoyances from your vacation photos.  Consider these ideas:

1. The Traditional Method: Cloning – This trick has been around for awhile, it is a useful way to discreetly remove small objects from a photo. To clone away an unwanted element, you just “paint over” it with some texture from a nearby part of the photo. When done correctly, it can be almost impossible to tell anything has been changed.  From PCWorld

2. Stacking Photos in Photoshop Photoshop can take a series of similar photos and automatically remove parts that don’t belong in all the photos, leaving behind only those sections that are identical in every one. Here’s a crowded shot, for example, with people moving around in the scene. From PCWorld.

3. Tourist Remover – is a web app that will remove other tourists from the photos you took of landmarks while on vacation as a tourist.   From BoingBoing.

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