Diving back into the Android world.

The last time I used an Android device was November 2009, the Verizon Droid, the device that put Android on the map.  A big-time device, updated software on a major carrier.  I enjoyed the device but it fell quite a ways short of competing with the iOS.

Today, I am back in the game – on a trial basis.  I purchased the Samsung nexus S from Best Buy Mobile, with T-Mobile service.  This device is supposed to the pure and unfiltered (by the carrier) Android experience.  I can return it within 14 days so I need test (1) the hardware; (2) the software; and (3) the T-Mobile network in my area over the next week.  T-Mobile is the one major carrier I have no experience.  

My primary point of comparison is the Apple iPhone 4 on AT&T which I have used since it release.  Check back here to hear my impressions of the “pure” Android experience.

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