Electronic filing meets the County Clerk, this is progress!

I received an email last week from the Oklahoma County Clerk notifying me all documents can now be filed (or recorded) electronically.  That means from the comfort of whatever internet-enable computer I use.

As far as I know, this is new, since deeds and similar type of documents had to be hand-delivered to Oklahoma County Clerk’s office before.  Why is this significant? It is a positive step toward streamlining the filing process and reducing both the overhead at the Clerk’s office and in many other people’s offices.  The fact that it is a county clerk, a place where paper records going to back to statehood are maintained, makes it even more significant.

The full email is below.

[gview file=”http://shawnjroberts.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Preview-of-“Shawn-J-Roberts-PC-Mail-FW-Real-Estate-E-filing”1.pdf” height=”600″ width=”600″]

Posted by Shawn Roberts

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