Eliminating the middleman when he has low value

I would love to find a way for people and businesses that are in Oklahoma litigation to be able to exchange basic information without having the attorneys involved. There is no question that attorneys add value to the equation, but for the exchange of basic information there has to be a better way than all the communication going through attorneys, which leads to billing, for fairly low value (but necessary) activity. Nothing wrong with billing, but correspondence issues should be able to handled in a more efficient way.

The challenge is that parties typically don’t talk to each after they have hired attorneys. Attorneys, along the same lines, are reluctant to let their clients to the other side for fear of something “damaging” being said. And, of course, attorneys are prohibited from talking the with the other party, when the other party has an attorney.

I don’t have solution, just thinking about the challenge. Any thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.

Posted by Shawn Roberts

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