Estate Planning Demystified Episode 3 – An Oklahoma Will or a Trust?

This is Episode 3 of Estate Planning Demystified. In this episode, I discuss how do you know if need a Last Will and Testament or a Living Trust including:

1. Who are the people I want to transfer my estate to?
2. What do I have in terms of assets?
3. Who do I want to care for me when I can no longer care for myself
4. Who will you choose to help make life-ending or
5. life-sustaining discussions?
6. What are the ages and the capacity of the people I give my estate?
7. W ho do I want to take care of my minor children?


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Posted by Shawn Roberts

On this blog, I write about and try to answer practical Oklahoma legal questions. My focus and most experience is in estate planning and business issues including Oklahoma non-compete law. I make a living as an attorney in the law firm I founded, Cazes Roberts, PLLC in Oklahoma City. I live in Edmond with wife Amy and my two children, Sam (17) and David (9). We live precisely in the path of where the "wind comes sweeping down the plains."