Oklahoma Estate Planning: Give the gift of peace of mind this holiday season

3122865907_369750d0ef_z     Give the gift of peace of mind this holiday season.

It is the comment I hear most often after I finish working with people on estate planning:

Having this done gives us peace of mind.

How do you get or give this peace of mind?
Do your estate planning through our Holiday Estate Planning Package because you have so much to gain from doing it. Or simply purchase the Holiday Planning Package for a relative or friend.  You can purchase the Holiday Estate Planning Package now and start on the work in the New Year.  You can also purchase the package now and give it as a gift to a relative or friend.  I have a “gift certificate” for anyone purchasing the Plan as a gift.

The Holiday Estate Planning Package includes all the components you need to plan your estate, taking care of your family in the process:

*Revocable Living Trust;
*Pour-over wills for both spouses;
*Durable Powers of Attorney for both spouses; and
*Living Wills for both spouses;
*All the transfer documents to transfer property to your Trust; and
*Instructions and documentation on how to maintain the Trust and related documents.

These are all the components you need to have a successful Oklahoma Estate Plan.

I usually charge a flat fee of approximately $1,700.00 for this work. I am lowering the price by over 25% to $1,200.00 (plus any out of pocket costs for things such as recording deeds). There is a lower cost if the planning is for a single person rather than a couple.

Online Convenience
The “online” part of this process is that with the exception of coming to my office to sign the final documents, we do everything else digitally. That means no travel or interruption to your schedules, you review the documents on your schedule and we correspond by email or telephone.

Get signed up
I am offering only 10 Packages at this price. To sign up for this deal (or purchase and give it as a gift to a relative or friend), just email me (sjr@shawnrjoberts.com) and ask for the “Holiday Estate Planning Package“.

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Posted by Shawn Roberts

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