How to file a Trade Name with the Oklahoma Secretary of State


A trade name is what many people refer to as a “DBA”. That is, any name that you or your business does business under other than the one registered with the Oklahoma Secretary of State. You can find out a bit more about trade names here.

I am going to show you how to register a trade name in Oklahoma. The only cost is the $25.00 fee you pay to the Oklahoma Secretary of State.

Step 1 – Download the Trade Name Report form here.

Step 2 – Trade Name under which the business is carried on. Insert the name which you use or want to use that is different than your business’s legal name.

Step 3 – Address. Insert your business address.

Step 4 – Legal name of the “business entity” doing business under the trade name. A business or person must claim ownership of the trade name. Insert the name of your business or your own name in this blank.

Step 4 – Brief description of the kind of business carried on under the trade name.

Step 5 – Type of business entity. Find the type of entity you have and check the appropriate box.

Step 6 – Signature Block. The choices here are either “Business Entity Acknowledgment” or “Corporation Acknowledgment” If you have a corporation, sign in the “Corporation” section, if you have anything else, including a limited liability company or you are signing as an individual, sign in the “Business Entity” section.

Step 7 – Send in Report. After the Trade Name Report is completed and signed, mail it to the Oklahoma Secretary of state with a check for $25.00. The mailing address for the Oklahoma Secretary of State is:

Business Filing Department
2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., Room 101
Oklahoma City OK 73105-4897

Posted by Shawn Roberts

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