“[I]nternet Privacy is a fallacy upon which no one should rely”

"[I]nternet Privacy is a fallacy upon which no one should rely"

The [legitimate] brouhaha over Facebook privacy (or whatever is left of it) reminded me that Internet privacy has been an issue for many years.  Facebook Founder and CEO did not help himself when conversations from several years ago emerged with Zuckerberg reportedly calling users “Dumb f***s” for trusting Facebook with their personal information.

Maybe Scott McNeely, who was then the Sun MicroSystems CEO, was right when he was widely reported over ten years ago as saying that “privacy is dead” http://bit.ly/cUs8dA –

This concept has pushed it’s way into the legal system also. Recently, a New York Judge wrote in an opinion that the concept of

“internet privacy is a fallacy upon which no one should rely”

While this quote is a qualified a bit when put in context with the rest of the legal opinion, it is clear that the general absence of the expectation of privacy theme influenced the Judge’s decision.  The story from New York was originally reported on by Evan Brown on Internet Cases. Mr. Brown is @internetcases on Twitter.

Facebook is reportedly having an “all-hands” meeting regarding privacy today, do you think it will reverse its’ practice of eroding privacy protections?

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[…] “[I]nternet Privacy is a fallacy upon which no one should rely” […]