Is passion overrated?

No, not that type of passion.

Is passion for your work overrated? There are an ever-growing number of resources about “finding your passion” and “follow your passion and the money will follow.”  I have nothing against passion or being passionate about your job. Ideally, everyone would work in job for which they are well-suited and passionate.

This is not an easy topic for me to discuss because part of me believes that if I even suggest that law may not be my all-consuming passion, people will not not want to work with me. I wonder, however, if the focus on finding your “passion” for work is overshadowing the equally important values of working hard, being responsible and providing for your family – even if you are not pursuing your passion. I suspect for every person who has pursued their passion, making it their life’s work, there are several more people who simply work hard every day, without complaining, building a solid life for themselves and their family. These people are not pursuing their passion in their work, but they are accomplishing equally noble purposes: responsibility, dedication and support of their family.

I must admit the story of a person giving up a stable job to pursue what has previously been a hobby is often more titilating than the story of the person working hard every day for 30 years at a mundane job.  However, I do not believe at its core, the mundane job, that provides an income and supports a family is any less noble than the passion-inducing job. The glamour of the pursuit of work-related passion should not be allowed to overshadow stability and responsibility; both should be equally celebrated.

So to end I will ask a question: Do you believe passion for work is overrated? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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