It’s all about the Applications: the Smartphone Application Grid

Updated: September 8, 2010 – 20:54

It’s all about the “apps” isn’t it?  Applications dominate the smartphone discussion, the number, the diversity, the price etc. . .   Apple, Android, BlackBerry and webOS (PalmPre) all allow users to download applications.  Applications are mini computer programs that allow users to share, view, give and participate while on their mobile device.  For instance, Facebook has an application on all the major operating systems.  The user gets varying degrees of the Facebook experience while on an iPhone, BlackBerry Bold, Palm Pre or Droid; no need to use the mobile web browser

If you switch from an iPhone to a Droid, you have a different application environment, although both phones contain many of the same apps.  What led to the creation of the Smartphone Application Grid was this question:  How do the different platforms compare on applications that handle some of the most popular features?  Take a look at the grid and let me know your comments on what is missing, misplaced or well-placed.  I need your input to make this a resource for people who might be considering switching phones.


webOS Android iOS BlackBerry

App App (+ Xplayer) iTunes Media Player
notetaking Evernote Evernote Evernote
Streaming Video YouTube YouTube, Netflix YouTube Player, MyMovies
Twitter Tweed Twitter Twitter Twitter
Other Twitter TweetMe, Twee, Spaz Twidroid
HootSuite, Touiteur
Twittlelator, Echofon
UberTwitter,  Tweetcaster
Music Streaming Pandora Pandora, Slacker Pandora, Slacker

Pandora, Slacker

LinkedIn LinkedIn DroidIn LinkedIn LinkedIn
Facebook Facebook Facebook Facebook Facebook
Instant Messaging


Meebo, AIM, IMEasy, IM+ Yahoo, AIM, IM+ BeeJiveIM, AOL
Newsreader/RSS Viigo Pulse,
Google News Reader
Mobile RSS Viigo
Watching live Television SlingPlayer Mobile, SPB TV SlingPlayer Mobile SlingPlayer Mobile

SlingPlayer Mobile

Bible Reader Bible Reader, YouVersion (Bible) Bible Reader 4, YouVersion YouVersion, AcroBible YouVersion (Bible), BibleReader
Sports Scores SportingNews ESPN ESPN ScoreMobile
Location Games Gowalla, Foursquare Gowalla, Foursquare Gowalla, Foursquare Foursquare, Waze
Financial Management Mint Mint Mobile Checkbook
Live Radio RadioTime Slacker, WunderRadio WunderRadio, AOL, iHeart Radio, Slacker iHeartRadio
Remote Desktop LogMeIn, RDP LogMeIn, RemoteTap RDM+
Podcast drPodder Listen, DoggCatcher, doubleTwist iTunes, Podcaster BlackBerry Podcast, PodTrapper
Office Documents to Go, QuickOffice Documents to Go, QuickOffice Documents to Go, eOffice, QuickOffice

[gview file=””]

Note:  This grid includes only applications that run on the device, meaning web applications are excluded.

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