Making house calls

It used to be common, maybe 100 years ago, for a doctor to come to your house to see you.  At some point it changed and medical care is now provided through slow, inefficient clinics and crowded hospital emergency rooms.  Mobile medical services are emerging but a still a tiny fraction of the overall market.

I started to think about house calls when an older client asked me to come to their house, because they could not drive to my office.  The drive is about 30 minutes, not a big deal.  However, the thought of being in someone’s living room to talk about legal issues was strange.  People come to my office, I guess, because it is decent place to talk.  Technology also alleviates some of the need to visit face to face but it doesn’t replace directness and quality of a face-to-face meeting.

What kind of business would you like to see come to your home to serve you?

Posted by Shawn Roberts

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