Office Visit Protocol: COVID-19 ERA

This is the protocol we use to prepare our office for a client visit and to conduct the visit while we are in the Coronavirus Era.

While we would greatly prefer not to have a protocol that prevents handshaking and requires wearing a mask, based on guidance from health professionals (including the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) we believe these safety measures are absolutely necessary to minimize the chance of spreading COVID-19 when having clients visit the office:


  • We sanitize door handles, the conference room table, and the chairs before the meeting

  • The chairs in the conference room, so people are spread out, at least 6 feet apart

  • Everyone sanitizes their hands upon arrival inside the office (with hand sanitizer we provide)

  • Clients go directly to the conference room when they arrive without stopping in the waiting area

  • There is no physical contact between or with anyone during the visit (including no handshaking)

  • Everyone wears a mask while in the meeting

  • If documents will be signed during the meeting, we provide pens that have been sanitized, and when the signing complete, we dispose of the pens

  • When the clients leave the office, we sanitize the conference table and chairs, as well as the door handles