Oklahoma estate planning using a revocable living trust as the centerpiece

 It is a good idea to have either an Oklahoma revocable trust or an Oklahoma last will and testament in place to take care of your family. 
There are several factors that come into play when determining whether a Trust or a Will works bests in your situation.  Here are several blog posts I wrote discussing the advantages and disadvantages of Trusts and Wills.  Let me know your thoughts and questions.
And this is a series of podcasts that I did explaining the basics of estate planning if you have time and the inclination to listen.
Comprehensive Estate Planning Package
We provide the Oklahoma revocable trust and related documents as part of one comprehensive estate planning package. The revocable trust package includes services that are necessary to establish a comprehensive estate plan, including:
      • Revocable Living Trust Agreement (one, two, or more depending on the facts);
      • Pour-over Last Will and Testament for Husband
      •  Pour-over Last Will and Testament for Wife;
      • Durable Power of Attorney – Healthcare for Husband;
      • Durable Power of Attorney – General for Husband;
      • Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare for Wife;
      • Durable Power of Attorney – General for Wife;
      • Advance Directive/Living Will for Husband
      • Advance Directive/Living Will for Wife;
      • The documents necessary to transfer all trust-appropriate assets to the newly created trust such as:
  • Deeds to transfer real property to the trust; 
  • Mineral Quitclaim Deeds to transfer mineral interests;
  • Memorandum of trust (real property and personal property); and
  • Assignment of personal property; 
    • Assistance in transferring all trust-appropriate assets to the trust;
    • Review, revise and finalize documents based on client feedback
    • Meeting at our office to sign and finalize all documentation;
    • Instruction letter on transferring property to the Trust, assistance in actually transferring certain items of property, plus a bound set of documents and digital set for records.
For the Comprehensive Estate Planning Package, which includes all of the items listed above, we charge typically charge a flat fee between $2,200.00 and $2,600.00, plus the costs that are paid for the recording or filing of documents (typically not more than $50.00-$60.00). 
How to get started
To get started on this project, please let me know if you would like to move forward, and I will email you an engagement letter. To get started, I will need a signed engagement letter and a check for one-half of the project fee.