Oklahoma non-compete law summary

Over past year I have written several articles about non-compete agreements under Oklahoma law. Below is a collection of the links to each article and a snippet of the article. You can access the full articles from here and also bookmark this page to ensure that you can always access all the articles.

Is my Oklahoma non compete agreement enforceable?
The short answer is that if you are in Oklahoma the non compete agreement it is not enforceable.  With a couple of exceptions, Oklahoma law is clear that an individual is allowed to work in his or her chosen business or industry even if a piece of paper says otherwise.  While competition is allowed, Oklahoma law prohibits a former employee from soliciting the established customers of the former employer.

Two scenarios where a non compete agreement is enforceable
In an article from a few months ago, I wrote about how Oklahoma law categorically invalidates non compete agreements. Oklahoma has made a public policy decision that with a couple of exceptions employees will not be barred from competing. Below are the exceptions to the rule:

Non compete Agreements are still not OK in Oklahoma
I wrote a few months ago about how Oklahoma law prohibits non compete agreements for former employees and touch on exceptions here.  Yesterday, the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals reiterated that any agreement which restricts a former employee’s ability to work in the same field as the former employer is void under Oklahoma law.

4 critical points to consider in a non disclosure agreement [before you sign it]
1.      Is the definition of “confidential information” specific enough to be workable?  For the non disclosure agreement to have any value, both sides must understand what is being protected.  I routinely see non disclosure agreements that have wonderfully frightening all inclusive definitions of “Confidential Information.”

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