The Launch

Jay Fleischman, a legal consultant, said this recently in an article about online marketing:

Online legal marketing efforts typically consist of a thin website or a blog that collects dust. You’re all fired up about “getting online,” that you forget one critical point – if you’re using your website as a brochure filled with platitudes and hollow verbiage then why would someone ever consider hiring you?

Jay captured my thought perfectly and for this reason I am launching a website today that will be different. I am an attorney and I practice law, but this will not be standard legal website. Instead, my goal is to post interesting content that adds value to the lives of the people who visit the site.

There will be legal content, but presented in a little different way- through video, audio (both audio files and a podcast). Also, if it’s interesting in technology, I will probably talk about it.  So, I plan to make regular posts (TechTipTuesday and FreeStyleFriday) as well as random reviews, comments and tips.

To keep up with the theme of doing things a bit differently, I am going to start with a giveaway:  an Apple iPad.  Check out the details here and get signed up for the random (and nearly painless) drawing.

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