Podcasting is Powerful

I love podcasting, primarily as a consumer of many podcasts and a participant in a few. I have never doubted that podcasting provides a unique opportunity to communicate. I have wondered what the reach of podcasting is.

Recently, I was reminded that podcasting is powerful, it provides ordinary people an opportunity have extroadinary conversation. Attorneys Robert Ambrogi and J. Craig Williams have a podcast called Lawyer 2 Lawyer, in which not suprisingly they discuss law.  The most recent episode was an interview of Chief Judge Alex Konsinki, a giant in the legal community and the chief judge of a court one step below the Supreme Court of United States.

Many judges do not talk publicly and the ones that do tend to talk with C-Span or CNN.  Neither of these guys appears to have a background in show business, mainstream or was any type of celebrity prior to podcasting.  They are practicing attorneys.

What I find amazing and inspiring is that two seemingly normal (obvisouly very talented, not to slight them in any way with the use of work “normal”) attorneys have created a platform where they can host legal superstars.

Posted by Shawn Roberts

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Allan Hunkin

Shawn… Thank you for the post about Podcasting.

Yes, podcasting is still growing and expanding because it is both effective and in-expensive.

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