Ranking the iPhone . . . against itself

With another new iPhone expected to be announced by Apple on Tuesday, I was pondering how the previous iPhones compare against each other in order of significance and their impact on the smpartpjone and technology markets. My rankings of the 2007-2010 iPhones are below with some explanation of how I placed each one:

1. iPhone. How can any iPhone be ahead of the original? This is the device that truly revolutionized the smartphone market and the one that started a seismic shift toward phones be fun and cool. Everyone, users of all platforms, benefit from the release of the iPhone. If you don’t think so, check out the smartphones available in May 2007 and you will understand.

2. iPhone 3G.  The iPhone started the revolution but the iPhone 3G took it to the masses in 2008.  As opposed to iPhone, iPhone 3G was subsidized at at $199.00 (which is now the industry marker), introduced the App Store, GPS, 3G and generally realized the homerun potential of iPhone.

3.  iPhone 4.  Following up on a fairly ordinary product in 2009, Apple released an extroadinary one in June 2010.  iPhone 4 brought incredible resolution with its retina display, multi-tasking, a front facing camera, HD video and FaceTime.

4.  iPhone 3GS.  The iPhone 3G was a nearly impossible act to follow and a year later Apple didn’t try to follow it.  The iPhone 3GS brought upgrades to several areas (faster processer, more RAM, video recording and SMS.  The upgrades were incremental and most inside the device where they could be felt but not seen.

What do you think, is this the correct order?  If not, how would you rank them?

Posted by Shawn Roberts

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