Screen casting tips for the iphone, Mac & more

A little late this morning with TechTipTiesday, but here nonetheless with some tremendous tips for Mac screencasting and iPhone video capture. The source is Scott Skibell (@ScottSkibell), from macscreencasting, one of the experts in the field of screenscasting.  Scott, from the first video you watch, is obviously smart and capable. However, what I appreciate just as much about Scott is that his demonstration style is laid-back and easy to follow. There is no excuse to not learn soemthing while watching Scott.

Below is one of the many solid videos Scott has created on his macskillscasting web site. Visit his site or YouTube channel for many more.

Posted by Shawn Roberts

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Myself and my father were discussing this last night. Thanks for the proof that I was right and now I can have a dig at them about this!

Scott Skibell


Thanks for the shout-out. Creating screencasts and videos are a lot of fun. More importantly, they help us communicate more effectively. They bring the human element into our communications by letting people see our eyes, our smile, and our authenticity.

Thanks for helping to spread the word.

Shawn J. Roberts

Thank you for the comment Scott!