Six Sensational Things about iPhone4

After a couple of days of iPhone4 use, I have a list of things I like about the device. In a couple of days, I will publish a list of things I do not like about the device.

1. The display.

For a device that has received a tremendous amount of hype, it is the screen that is often mentioned first. There is a good reason for this: the display is stunning, bright and crisp, unlike any display I have seen. It was as if the scales fell off of my eyes and I could see in a whole new way. Side by side with the Sprint Evo, I felt like the Evo was the display on the external 24″ Samsung monitor hooked up to a laptop while the iPhone4 was the display on 27 or 21.5″ iMac. In my upcoming article “Six Subpar Things about iPhone4” I indirectly chip away a bit at these positive comments.

2. Call Quality.

It is early in my phone use (about two days). However, at this point, the call quality is substantially better than my previous phone (iPhone 3GS) and on par with any phone I have used. I have also been told my voice sounds clearer than usual.

3. FaceTime.

I underestimated the potential of this feature. Although it is young and still shackled with burdensome restrictions (WiFi only and iPhone4 to iPhone4 only) its simplicity and call and picture quality are tremendous. This is beginning of video calling for the unwashed masses on phones in the United States. One should not underestimate the value of simplicity in introducing a previously unseen feature to people who do not eat, breathe and sleep tech.

4. Fast App Switching.

While not limited to iPhone4 (the iPhone 3GS running iOS4 has this also), it excels on 4 because of the speed of the device. Apple has found just the right balance again between providing utility in use of the device without creating the potential for destroying the user experience for most people. The little dock that appears via a double click of the home button hits the sweet spot. It is important to keep in mind the iPhone excels not because of its features but because of the quality and usability of the features.
If number of features alone were the predictor of smartphone success, the AT&T Tilt (a/k/a HTC Kaiser a/k/a Tytn 2) would have been king.

5. Speed.

Simply put, the iPhone4 is FAST. Apps explode into action with only a slight touch, switching between apps is speedy and seamless. The iPhone 3GS was a substantial improvement over the 3G in terms of speed into and out of apps such as SMS. The iPhone4 is substantially faster in the same areas as the 3GS.

6. The Camera.

The iPhone 3GS saw substantial improvements in image quality and added quality (for a mobile device) video recording. The iPhone4 leaps ahead in image quality (5MP, 5X digital zoom, eye closingly bright flash) and add 720P video recording. The iPhone4 appears to go from solid mobile device camera to competitor for point and shoot cameras and lower end video cameras (yes, Flip, I am talking about you.)

What do you like about the iPhone4?

Posted by Shawn Roberts

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Tammy Roberts

Hi Shawn, After I read and thought about your very informative responses to iPhone4, I felt I understood and learned new and helpful information about the iPhone4, which at this time I was not aware of.
I am not sure if I like or like not this device.
Thanks so much for an insightful view of the iPhone4.

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