Smartphone: The sharpest weapon in the tech arsenal


In looking at some different ways to reduce expenses recently, I considered getting rid of my smartphone (the iPhone 4) and its accompanying monthly data plan. It quickly became apparent that my phone was the hub of all I do in my business. I made a list of the things I do with phone and here is what I came up with. When there is a third party connected to it, I listed the app.

1. Mobile email (native mail app or Gmail for iOS).

2. Voice Calls.

3. Text Messages.

4. Taking Notes (Evernote). evernote_logo_center_4c-sm

5. Setting reminders (either built in app or Evernote).

6. Twitter (Tweetbot or Twitter App).

7. Facebook. cat-annoucement-resources

8. Scheduling social media posts (Hootsuite or Buffer App).

9. Adding Calendar appointments.

10. Knowing my calendar.

11. Linkedin. LinkedIn-Logo-2CRev

12. Alarms.

13. Phone system management (Google Voice)

14. Task Management (Producteev)

15. Voice Recognition. (Dragon Dictation)

16. News Reading (MobileRSS, Instapaper, Flipboard).

17. Composing/Editing Blog Posts (WordPress App).

18. Mind Mapping (iThoughts).

19. Payment Tracking/Processing (PayPal).

20. Managing Email Marketing (MailChimp).


Posted by Shawn Roberts

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Clay Russell

Omnifocus: project planning
2Do: repeating tasks
iCal: appointments


Clay, thanks for the Comment! I have heard a lot about Omnifocus but I have not tried. I may have to give it a try sometime. I also may check out “2Do” since Evernote is not really a focused to do list manager. Thanks for the suggestions.