T-Mobile’s myTouch 4G is the most recent iPhone killer?

There have been a few “iPhone killer” smartphones over last several years (remember the Samsung Instinct?)

The myTouch 4G is a recently released smartphone from T-Mobile. 20101105-081027.jpgEngadget, in one of the most thorough and probing reviews of a gadget in memory says:

If the G2 is the Droid 2 killer, T-Mobile probably sees the myTouch as the iPhone 4 killer (even the name has a similarity to the popular “iTouch” misnomer, and the 4G / 4 mirrors T-Mobile’s matchy matchy naming sense with the myTouch 3G / iPhone 3G… we’re just saying, is all).

Read the full review here to find out how the myTouch 4G stacks up.

Posted by Shawn Roberts

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