Question and Answer on Oklahoma non-disclosure agreements

Q: What is a non-disclosure agreement?
A: Any agreement that prohibits or limits an individual’s ability to share information or knowledge. Typically, non-disclosure agreements are used in a setting where confidential and proprietary information or novel ideas are shared.

Q: Do Oklahoma courts enforce non-disclosure agreements between businesses and individuals?
A: Yes. A properly drafted non-disclosure agreement signed between employer and employee or a business and a contractor is enforceable.

Q: What is the different between a non-compete agreement and a non-disclosure agreement?
A: A non-compete agreement prohibits an employee from working in a specific industry or field or with certain businesses. A non-disclosure agreement prohibits an employee or individual from using or disclosing certain confidential information.

Q: What are some critical questions to ask before signing a non-disclosure agreement?
A: Is the definition of “confidential information” specific enough to be workable?
Is the material being protected actually worthy of protection?
Which state’s law is the agreement going to be controlled by?
Who is allowed to see the confidential information?

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