Taking advantage of the opportunity of change

One of life’s absolute certainties, right along side death and taxes, is change. Our lives are infused with a constant stream of changes. While some people dread change, change can be exciting and the pathway to new opportunities.

I am ready to launch into one of those changes: As of May 6, 2013, I will join the Oklahoma City law firm Resolution Legal Group. Let me answer a few questions about my move.

Why am I making the change?
To be succinct, I want to transition from being a solo practitioner to part of a team. I want to be part of a group of smart and savvy attorneys who cover a broad-base of subject matter areas. This allows me to offer more value to my clients while at the same time reducing some of the stress that is inherent in being a “lone-wolf”. Rather than referring out or declining matters in which I don’t have experience, I can simply walk down the hall.

What is Resolution Legal Group?
RLG is what a law firm looks like when it is designed by smart and creative attorneys who are foward-thinking and truly want to offer the practice of law to clients in a different way. RLG analyzed the things that clients most often hate about legal representation and designed a law practice to address them. For example, doing away with the traditional and often sole choice of hourly billing in exchange for flexible and creative billing options. Check out a few of the different options right here.

What does the change mean for clients?
For my clients, there are many positive aspects to this change. This change opens the door to wealth of experienced attorneys who cover many areas of the law I do not cover. For example, I will be working with attorneys who are experienced with intellectual property, real estate investment, franchising, private equity, worker’s compensation, catastrophic event management and general litigation of Business, to name a few of the areas.

Where is RLG located?
In heart of Bricktown, at 100 E. California, Suite 200, overlooking the Canal. In fact, RLG has a tremendous view of downtown OKC including the Devon Tower from its offices.

What is the future of this blog?
Uncertain at this point. RLG plans to start blogging in the near future and I hope to be part of that effort. I probably won’t write much about the law on here going forward. However, I may go back to the origins of the blog which was me writing about things that were interesting to me.

Posted by Shawn Roberts

On this blog, I write about and try to answer practical Oklahoma legal questions. My focus and most experience is in estate planning and business issues including Oklahoma non-compete law. I make a living as an attorney in the law firm I founded, Shawn J. Roberts, P.C. in Oklahoma City. I live in Edmond with my wife Amy and my two children, Sam (19) and David (11). We live precisely in the path of where the "wind comes sweeping down the plains."