The Preventative Law Program (PLP)

Several years ago I came out with the Prevenative Law Program, which I cleverly nicknamed the “PLP.”  The goal was to increase people’s and business’s access to early legal help with a fixed costs and structure.  It wasn’t PrePaid Legal, my PLP was a direct relationship with my law firm and all the service someone would need in a variety of areas.  Prevention is favored in many other segments but not so much with law where the prevailing thinking is often “let’s deal with it when forced to deal with.”  One of the problems with this approach is that in many cases dealing with it when forced to is to late.

My marketing description of the PLP is at the bottom of this post.  I have not signed anyone up for the PLP and, probably due to this, I have not mentioned in years.  I would really appreciate your feedback on this idea.  What do you:

  1. like about it,
  2. not like about it,
  3. don’t understand about it?
  4. How could I improve it?


Posted by Shawn Roberts

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