Things that lawyers do that are insanely annoying

Fax machine in my office
Source: Nathan Rein

I think I have the liberty to write this post because I am one of them, a lawyer. The idea for this post arose out of the conversation with a co-worker about attorneys who do not use email even in 2013.

As it turns out, the failure to use email is but one of the items that lawyers do that eat away at my soul. Let me list a few others:

8 X 14 Paper.
The extra three inches really burns me up!

This one might not be familiar to you if you are not a lawyer. It is essentially being overly cautious and annoying by both emailing or faxing a document and then mailing precisely the same document.

Since becoming the “defacto standard in the DOS market” in the 1980s, the office suite has long-since been left behind in the market, but continues to survive in many law offices. If it was truly superior to the alternatives then maybe it would make sense. I shudder a little each time I receive an email from an attorney with that ominous “WPD” file extension.

What other annoying things do lawyers do?

Posted by Shawn Roberts

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