Watching [ESPN] SportsCenter on the highway at 70 MPH


While reading the sports page this morning (in an actual, physical newspaper!!), I discovered that my local cable provider, Cox Communications, had enabled WatchESPN.

WatchESPN allows cable subscribers whose providers have made a deal with ESPN, to watch ESPN programming online on a computer or mobile devices — iphone, iPad, Android devices. Its really neat and until now available through most cable providers except mine.

Unlike some cable viewing apps, there don’t seem to be many restrictions on WatchESPN. I can view it on my phone or iPad using 3G, wifi and even a 4G mobile hotspot. How good does this get? Someone riding in a car cruising down the highway at 70 MPH can be watching SportsCenter.

I captured some screenshots to show the difference in quality, if you can even tell a difference. Check the shots out below.

Verizon 3G

Home wifi (20 MB down/5 MB up)

Verizon 4G Hotspot

Posted by Shawn Roberts

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