Two things you can do today to encourage someone

Originally published in March 2011, close 9 years ago today___

It may be the weather where I live which has been particularly dreary over the last few days, but my mood has been downcast. To try to refocus myself, I started to think about what I could do to help someone, with the goal being to move the focus off of myself. The problem is that everyone I think of seems like it to much trouble or not significant enough. So essentially I never get started. To address this *challenge* I focused on coming up with two simple things I can do today that might have a positive impact on someone.

Here are the two things I am going to do today:

1. Send an encouraging message. Use the electronic means that are readily at your disposal to tell someone you like what they are doing or what they said. Retweet a tweet that encourages, comment on a Facebook post that you like or send a text that contains a positive message.

2. Write an encouraging note. Yes, I said, “write”. Not email, not text, not IM, not Twitter, not Facebook, you get the idea. There is still power in a hand-written note and that power is only increasing as the use of hand-written communication decreases. Tell the person you appreciate something they have done, appreciate their friendship or like their effort on some project or task.

——> Try these two things today and let me know the results in the comments below.



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