What people look for in hiring an attorney

About a year ago I asked the question on Linkedin “What do people look for in hiring an attorney?”. I received many interesting and helpful comments. You can see all the responses below.

What are people looking for when they hire an attorney?  What are the key characteristics?  I was curious to hear from people on this since my experience has been primarily as the person being hired.  I asked this question on Linkedin (you can view it on Linked, if you are a member, by clicking the link)  earlier this week:

What are the most important one or two qualities for which you look when hiring an attorney?

The responses are listed below.

If I were to hire an attorney, I’d want someone I could rely on. For me that is a person that is well informed, honest, sincere, and practical.

1) Exceptional analytical skills
2) Problem solver mentality rather than antagonistic


Ability to bring new knowledge and insight that I didn’t already have or think about. If I’m trying to decide on which attorney to use, I’m more likely to choose one that makes me feel like he’s valuable for more than just filing paperwork.


When I was looking for an adoption attorney, the most important things was that he/she listened and answered my questions. Recommendations from others was also high on the list.

1) Do I know them and know them to be honest?

2) Do they pay it forward with their services?

3) – if I was able to give a third, it would be simply, do that have a clear pricing schedule listed where I can look it up.

Without knowing what type of law you practice it is hard for me to answer that question. I’d be more than happy to meet over coffee something & discuss with you.

A committment to customer service Ability to help clients make the best decisions that fit them and their situation Timeliness of response

Honesty and tenacity.

***What are the key characteristics to you when hiring an attorney?***

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