Why did the Oklahoma Secretary of State suspend my corporation?

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The Oklahoma Secretary of State is the record keeper for among other things Oklahoma corporations and Oklahoma limited liability companies.  To form a corporation, you submit paperwork to the Oklahoma Secretary of State.  To form and maintain a limited liability company, you also submit paperwork to the Oklahoma Secretary of State.  So, as you might expect, the Oklahoma Secretary of State keeps records about whether a corporation is in good standing, suspended, or terminated.

Reasons an Oklahoma corporation is suspended
You may have searched the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s records and found a corporation you own and discovered that the corporation was “suspended.” The suspension is usually connected to the Oklahoma Tax Commission.  Corporations are usually suspended because either the owners have failed to file an annual Oklahoma Franchise Tax Return and/or failed to pay the franchise tax. Sometimes corporations are suspended for failure to file an Oklahoma corporation income tax return:

–> Failure to file Oklahoma Income Tax Return
According to the Oklahoma Tax Commission, any corporation doing business within or deriving income from sources within Oklahoma is required to file an Oklahoma Corporation Income Tax Return, whether or not a tax is due.

–> Failure to file a franchise tax return
The Oklahoma Tax Commission says:
Oklahoma Franchise Tax is due and payable July 1 of each year unless a Franchise Election Form (Form 200-F) has been filed. The report and tax are delinquent if it not paid on or before September 15. 

How is a corporation’s charter suspended?
If a corporation fails to pay the required franchise tax, the Oklahoma Tax Commission enters an order suspending the corporation’s charter and then send the order to the Oklahoma Secretary of State directing that the corporation be suspended.

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