My worry list

I rarely share personal information on this blog.  One exception was when we adopted our son David in 2010, an occasion I found grand enough to merit mention on this blog.  Today’s post is another occasion where I am deviating from normal practice of keeping it *legal*!

My list of worries.

I have been a life-long, habitual worrier. Constantly and continually fretting and stewing about things I cannot control, particularly the “what ifs” that are not the tasks of today but the mirages of tomorrow. As you might expect, worry has promoted good health or living for me. I am fed up with living like this. God says that I do not have to live like this.

I started my “worry list” late last night. This is a list where I record any worries I have, when they come to me. The point of recording the worries is getting them out of my head and trying to do what God invites us to do in 1 Peter 5:7, to give all our worries and cares to Him, because God loves and cares about us and does not want us to worry.

My hope is that by getting the worries out of my head in real time I will facilitate the process of turning them over to God, accepting the peace that He offers and, someday, turning this “worry list” into a “faith list”, a list that demonstrates God’s faithfulness.

A life-long habit and practice is not going away in day without a miracle (which, just for the record, I would be totally fine with God!). But this is the start of the process for me. We will see how it goes.


The Technology Piece

For those of you who are technologically-inclined, there is tech piece to this story:  I am using Evernote, primarily on the iPhone, to record my worries.  Whenever a worry comes to my mind, I dictate it into Evernote using vJournal, an iOS app that allows for quick iOS dictation and then automatically transfers the information into Evernote and built-in voice dictation on the iPhone.

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